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The Society for Men’s Health Singapore (SMHS) established in 1999 by Professor Peter Lim, is dedicated to fostering friendship, understanding, and mutual encouragement on healthy aging for men. Its overarching mission is to raise awareness about the unique needs of men and collaborate with both the community and the government to improve the well-being of the male population in Singapore.

By offering a platform for men to come together, the Society aims to create a supportive and empowering environment where individuals can exchange knowledge, experiences, and insights related to health and aging. Through various programmes and initiatives, the society endeavours to promote healthy lifestyles, preventative healthcare measures, and access to relevant resources.
The Society hopes to play a significant role in advocating men's health issues, with a strong emphasis on research, education, and community engagement. Over the years, the SMHS has grown to become a respected voice in the field of men's health, contributing fostering meaningful partnerships to improve healthcare services for men.

Looking towards the future, the Society for Men’s Health remains committed to its mission, constantly striving to bridge the gap in healthcare and ensure that men receive the necessary support and attention they deserve.


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SMHS is proud to confer Honorary Membership to Dato Tan Hui Meng for his valuable contribution to the field of Men's Health.



Training Programmes in Andrology & Men's Health-Certificate, Diploma & Masters Degree Courses


Past Courses

  1. Certificate of Andrology and Ageing Science Methuselah Centre, Singapore

  2. Recommended Books for ECU Course

  3. Certificate Course on Practical Andrology 2012

  4. Certificate Course on Practical Andrology 2011



Find a doctor near you!


Society for Men’s Health Singapore (SMHS) maintains a list of our doctors who are our members; in Singapore for your convenience. The list is non-exhaustive and the information provided is correct as of date of publish and may be subject to change at the discretion of the clinics without notice. Users are advised to verify details and operating hours with the clinics. Should you be aware of any updates, we would greatly appreciate if you could also inform us at Thank you.


Please note that clinics listed are privately operated practices and are neither owned nor managed by SMHS. For enquiries and feedback, please do contact the respective clinics directly for further assistance.

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