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Androcourse 2022 – 9th Certificate Course in Andrology

Following the very successful Androcourse over the years, Androcourse 2022 will be presented as a fully virtual course.  Spread over three modules, and presented by various specialists, this edition’s theme will focus on “Men’s health through the years” as we follow the journey in the different stages of a man. This is an intensive Certificate Course intended for the General Practitioner who is intent on acquiring a working knowledge of andrology to practice men’s health in the primary care setting.


Session 1: The Younger Years - 13 Aug 2022

  • Pornography Addiction: The impact of this habit and its long term consequences. How to overcome this (Psychologist)

  • Sub-fertility and it’s management  (Andrologist)

  • Dietary habits and sex life (Dietitian)

  • Acne: Prevention and Treatment  (Dermatologist)


Session 2: Mid Life Crisis - 10 Sep 2022

  • Premature ejaculation and it’s treatment (Andrologist)

  • Psychological stress and it’s impact on your sex life (Psychologist)

  • Wrinkly skin? No Problem! Various treatment modalities for wrinkles (Aesthetic physician)

  • Sexually transmitted diseases: Diagnosis and treatment (Dermatologist)


Session 3: Aging Gracefully - 15 Oct 2022

  • Late onset hypogonadism: Treatment and controversies (Andrologist)

  • Osteoporosis: Preventing that fracture! (Endocrinologist)

  • Exercise: Type for elderly men (Sports Medicine)

  • Food for thought. How should my diet change as I age? (Dietitian)

  • A fulfilling sex life in the sunset years: Is it actually possible? (Sex Therapist)

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