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Join our Men’s Health Hotspot social media channels to keep updated of our various programmes, contests, quizzes related to men’s health. We are now on Facebook, Linkedin and Telegram.

The Men’s Health Hotspot is a forum presented by the Society for Men’s Health of Singapore. Improving men's health is high priority. Here, at the Men’s Health Hotspot, we educate men, boys, and their families about men’s health issues and prevention, timely screenings and healthy lifestyles.  You can also expect tips and lots of good advice relating to other aspects of men’s health including : 


•       Mind (Motivational / Mental Health) 

•       Body (Aesthetics & Fitness) 

•       Wealth (Financial Health) 

•       Health (Medical) 


Join us in raising awareness of the need for men and boys to live healthy lifestyles – Like and share this platform with your buddies! 

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