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- Provide an organisation to foster friendship, understanding and mutual encouragement on healthy ageing

- Create among the community and government an awareness of the special needs and solicit their cooperation and assistance for the betterment of the male population of Singapore





- Facilitate formation of active "Promotion of Men's Health" in Singapore

- Develop and encourage research, develop optimal clinical management guidelines through clinical trials, prevalence and other epidemiologyy studies, clinical workshops and courses

- Develop and implement training programmes for young clinicians who seek to specialize in the Management of Men's Health

- Assist in development of public awareness programmes to educate patients, family members and the general public

- Develop and implement training programmes for healthcare providers, nurses and others to promote men's health

- To influence Healthcare Policies promoting men's health

- Develop and maintain a regional network of Clinicians, Healthcare Providers, Public Officials and Associations interested in promoting men's health