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Festival of Love Conference


A short description of the Festival of Love Conference:

The Conference will be on 16-17 February 2019, a 2-day Conference. 25 Professionals will be having 11 talks/panels to promote and educate the public on self-love, body-positivism, relationships, sexuality, and even on Environmental and Animal Rights among many others. On 16 February 2019, there will be a 1-day Fair held in conjunction with Conference Day-1. Booths set-up by various organizations, whose aims are to further promote a variety of Love, i.e. love for the environment, self-love and so on, will be available for Festival of Love participants, as well members of the public.  


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Other than the 2-Day Conference, Festival of Love will also be having Pop-up workshops from 14 - 24 February 2019. 22 presenters will be holding around 38 workshops such as Otonamaki (adult wrapping), Kombucha Pairing Session, Journaling, Consent and Boundaries with Improv Skills, The Art of Vulva Pleasuring, Striptease, among many others. Do check out what exciting workshops are available at the official Festival website:

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